New regulator the General Insurance Standards Council (GISC) launched its first public leaflet – for consumers – at the CII conference last week.

GISC has printed one million copies of the consumer leaflet, written to the Plain English Campaign's Crystal Mark standard.

The leaflet explains what general insurance actually is and how GISC will work. It also explains what consumers should expect from GISC members. It makes clear that the customer can ask the insurer “or anyone dealing with your insurance” for a copy of the full code.

GISC says on the front of the leaflet: “Buying insurance from a member of GISC gives you important protection.” Inside, it states that its members will:

  • act fairly and reasonably
  • make sure that all services meet our standards
  • give clear information on services and products before you buy, and after they confirm, your insurance
  • protect any personal information, money and property
  • handle claims fairly and quickly
  • give advice on how to complain
  • correct mistakes and handle complaints quickly.

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