Goldfish was measured to have the shortest total call time for people phoning about house and contents cover. But the company failed to make the top 10 on hold time.

The data was provided by performance measurement company Direct Excellence in research carried out from March to May this year.

Saga, by some margin, kept inquirers on hold for the least amount of time. Together with Barclays, tthese companies were the only ones that appeared in both call length tables featured.

On price, Direct Choice was a clear leader with the lowest prices - for both single and direct debit payment methods.

The fulfilment table, which measures the time taken for written confirmation to arrive with the prospect, saw Help the Aged perform very well delivering packs in just over a day.

This was in stark contrast to other suppliers who took up to seven days to deliver.

The tables show five of the hundred plus metrics tested and measured. The analysis provides independent, actionable information that is claimed to help deliver competitive advantage, increased sales and reduced costs. To find out more, call Andy Akerman on 0117 905 5346 or email .