Software Solutions Partners (SSP), the newly formed company that bought CSC's high-street broker systems business in late March, plans to grow the business's revenue by 50% over the next three years.

The Halifax-based company, which currently has a turnover of about £17m, also plans to take on 50 to 60 extra staff and set up strategic partnerships to help drive growth.

SSP chief executive David Rasche said SSP is introducing several offerings over the coming months, some of which would be aimed specifically at larger broker businesses.

"We think we've got some very good new products and services which will form a framework for our expansion platform," he said.

However, he stressed that SSP's initial focus was on improving its relationship with its existing customers, large and small.

"One of the things we do want to do over the very early period is listen to our customers. We've called ourselves Software Solutions Partners deliberately - it's the style of business we want to operate."

Although the £20.8m deal between CSC and SSP was completed in March, the two companies worked together to ensure "a smooth handover of services" by 26 April.

The Barclays-backed deal saw SSP take over CSC's electRa, electRa M3, ultRa, Quotel, and Grapevine intermediary administration products. "Point-of-sale" trading platforms included Icons, Gilt Edge, for commercial lines quotes, and Willis CLEO, the trading platform for the Willis Network.

SSP said its user base reached 2,560 trading locations, which represented the largest volume of personal lines insurance transactions in the UK.

The company acknowledged some of its older systems needed to be replaced, but added it was developing new technologies to provide "good upgrade options".

SSP operations director Laurence Walker said improving customer service levels was also a priority: "We know we need to make some changes to improve services and product support."