Brokers are set to receive guidance on tough new requirements for the Motor Insurance Database (MID), due to come into force in 2008.

Insurers are currently required to provide details of all insured private car drivers to the MID within 14 days.

From 1 January 2008 the deadline will be cut to seven days, and commercial motor policy information must be provided within 14 days with vehicle details within 21 days.

Brokers have an important role to play in passing the information to insurers.

This week every broker in the country will receive tips plus additional guidance on how to comply with MID requirements "as the issue of motor insurance compliance becomes an increasing priority for the insurance industry and the government".

Over 25,000 leaflets have been produced and will be distributed by Biba and the IIB directly to their members and by the Motor Insurers' Bureau to all remaining intermediaries.

Allan Briscoe, Biba motor panel chairman, said: "It is essential that we speed up entry of vehicle details to meet the growing reliance placed on the MID by insurers and police.

"We hope that each broker will fully appreciate the increasing responsibility they have to ensure the Motor Insurance Database is kept up-to-date and accurate."

Ashton West, MIB chief executive, said: "Some brokers still seem unaware of the importance of their role in improving the accuracy of information stored on the database."