Now Hank Greenberg has left the AIG board for good, what will the man who had everything do in his spare time?

It seems he might be already moonlighting, according to photographic evidence passed to Backchat last week.

A friendly broker was passing the AIG building and was shocked to see a van parked outside the UK headquarters. On the side of the van, was the unmistakable name of Greenberg Glass.

He said: "I looked and had a double take. There was a middle-age man taking a large pane of glass out of the back and towards the building.

"It seems Hank has gone back to his roots - selling double-glazing," he added.

Also Mrs Greenberg made the news this week. It was reported that she once turned the company jet around after take-off to return to the terminal as she had forgotten her vanity case.

She blamed the pilot of course for forgetting to remind her that it was missing. And where did she leave it? In the ladies loo of course.