If ministers really are bold, as Lord Falconer indicated, they do have the opportunity truly to revolutionise the provision of rehabilitation here in the UK for years to come

Setting up action groups, new working parties are well and good, but they must be a prelude to action. And of course rehabilitation is much more than helping people of working age to get back to work.

Our brief today is much more specific. As rehabilitation is moving up the political agenda, a historic opportunity presents itself. The opportunity for real blue skies thinking, leading to a complete overhaul of our approach to personal injuries, a restatement of the value of occupational health, a greater role for case managers, a really joined up service.

All my experience, as well as common sense, tell me that if there we are going to create a truly joined up rehabilitation service, we'll only do that if we extend and expand the role of case managers. There should be just one identifiable and identified person, a case manager, who would be responsible for the complete and unbroken chain of rehabilitation.