Broker in response to Home Office figures on burglaries

Home & Legacy has teamed up with forensic security experts to stem the rising tide of house burglaries.

The high net worth broker is giving its householders free forensic kits, worth around £100, to mark their property. It is reacting to Home Office figures, which reveal burglaries have risen 4% compared with the final quarter of 2008, the first time in seven years there has been a consecutive rise.

Research has shown that burglars are 74% less likely to enter a property which has been sprayed with the forensic liquid, called SmartWater.

Home & Legacy managing director Barry O’Neill said: “Recent Home Office figures prove that domestic burglaries in England and Wales are on the increase. We are taking a proactive measure by including an innovative risk management solution for our clients.

“SmartWater is proven to dramatically reduce the threat of burglary and will help prevent our policyholders from suffering the trauma caused by theft or loss of sentimental items. In the long-term SmartWater can help to reduce claims and keep our premiums competitive.”

SmartWater marks are invisible to the naked eye. However, it illuminates under special lighting with a forensic code related to the owner. This means stolen property is more likely to be returned to the owner and results in more criminal convictions.

Householders are also encouraged to put up stickers in their windows warning burglars that their contents are sprayed with SmartWater.

Phil Cleary, chief executive, SmartWater, added: “SmartWater is used by 95 per cent of UK police forces to target criminals and obtain convictions.

“Our personnel work includes working with law enforcement agencies on covert operations, identifying stolen property, and attending court hearings to pursue prosecutions.”