Answer our quiz on the year that was and win a magnum of champagne

1 What were storms and heavy rains across the UK in January and February expected to cost property insurers?

2 What was the estimated cost of the damage at Yarl's Wood detention centre, which was wrecked by fire in February?

3 How much more were increased NHS charges, later removed by the Health Department, expected to cost the insurance industry?

4 How much did the FSA earmark in its annual budget, announced in January, for life and general insurance regulation?

5 What freak weather event in Greece was expected to seriously affect the peak January holiday season, grounding planes and triggering an influx of travel claims?

6 What is the value of lorry cargo stolen last year?

7 What was recently launched to assist in the pinpointing of subsidence risks?

8 How many gallons of oil were on the ship Prestige?

9 Which insurer took over Avon Insurance's 2003 renewals?

10 is the name of GAB Robins' weather information system?

11 What was the name of the costs judge who considered The Accident Group's test case?

12 Which employee of The Accident Group was "simply the worst" when he entered a Radio One competition?

13 Which insurer showed compassion to its flying friends back in May?

14 Which major restaurant chain lost out in a high-profile coffee case this year?

15 Channel 4 and Insurance Times joined forces this year to find a would-be... what?

16 What percentage of brokers `grudgingly' accepted PWC's deal?

17 Which high profile broker pulled its float in mid-July?

18 What novel method did AXA use to reward its staff?

19 Which government body set up a steering group to help with the liability crisis?

20 What plan did Railtrack devise to help rail contractors without liability cover?

21 What did insurer Matthew Davis have to "fake" in Channel 4's programme `Faking It'?

22 Which singer was voted top of the insurance pops by Norwich Union after it gave brokers a free CD or DVD for every PL policy they sold?

23 Which Insurance Times journalist won the award for the best journalist writing for a general insurance trade publication at the ABI Financial Media Awards?

24 Which insurer plans to launch a mortgage advice video and what is it called?

25 Which famous industry figure did Backchat describe as bearing a strange likeness to a flowerpot?

26 Which insurer was involved in the Callery v Gray case on motor personal injury claims costs

27 In relation to Lloyd's, what does GAAP stand for?

28 What risk does the company Special Risk Insurance and Reinsurance (SRIR) cover?

29 Which Formula One driver is insured by Lloyd's for £55m?

30 Why did more than one million people who purchased motor cover through the AA have illegal insurance certificates?


A magnum of champagne goes to the first correct entry drawn out of a hat, or to the entry with the most correct answers. Email your answers to by 17 January 2003