Are you still as confused about compliance as I was. That is, until I attended one of the Total Broker Solutions (TBS) roadshows and experienced the phoenix rising out of the ashes of the IBRC?

Having listened to its presentation, which was completely focused on dealing with compliance problems and providing premier division agencies without interfering with our independence or existing arrangements in any way, I now need no convincing that this is the way forward for former IBRC registered brokers. This is notwithstanding the fact that my turnover is below the limit set in the TBS business plan, which is designed for the larger broker.

"TBS creates mini-network" (6 November, Insurance Times) is a partial answer to the problem.

However, I suggest that former IBRC brokers can adapt and gain premier division agencies irrespective of their turnover by creating a partnership. In this we each retain our independence and trade under either a collective trademark or a certification mark for regulation purposes.

We can then take on the direct writers in our own area as can be seen by visiting the Insurance Advisory Service website directory at and entering your own postcode to ensure you are not recognised as an independent insurance broker in your area.

I shall be interested in hearing from other IBRC registered brokers who would like to exploit the value of face to face contact with the insured in their area.

John Lynch
Insurance Advisory Service