More than three-quarters of the population think that new technology makes their lives better rather than worse, according to a new survey.

But the research, commissioned by market and customer management experts Valoris, also reveals huge levels of dissatisfaction at how companies use technology to communicate with their customers.

When asked about automated telephone systems, over half of those who responded to the survey (54%) said they hated them, and a mere 9% liked them.

Some 42% cent usually found navigating through the options either difficult or impossible.

Nearly three-quarters (74%) had experienced the irritation of entering all their details only to join a queue for an operator – and 40% had done the same only to be told their chosen option was not available.

Some 38% had been cut off halfway through entering their details and a third had entered their details only to then be told the office is closed.

Call centres are not highly thought of either.

Some 70% of those asked said the operators are usually, or sometimes unable to answer simple questions. And an even higher percentage (73%) said operators are usually or sometimes unable to resolve simple problems.