As a member of the IIB I have read with dismay the content of their press release dated 28 January.

I have sent an email to the IIB and one to John Greenaway advising that I believe the time has come for the IIB to stop being confrontational and to start working within the regulatory framework.

I have instructed the IIB that I do not support their suggestion that a judicial review is the way forward.

Any other members who feel it is time for the IIB to work within the consultation framework are invited to make their feelings heard.

The IIB has done considerable good in the past, however over the past few years it has become too confrontational and too obsessed with its own import to the detriment of its members.

I believe the IIB should recognise that it is in its members' interests to have a stable, level regulatory regime and this constant ankle snapping from the bylines is not helping one iota.

Andrew Paddick is a very determined man and I am sure he believes what he does is in his members' best interests. Regrettably, the money wasted fighting GISC Rule F42 has proven that even he can be mistaken. As any general knows: to win a battle is one thing, to win a war another.

Ian K Mantel
Manor Insurance Services

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