We strongly refute the accusation in the article concerning unnamed brokers apparently alleging the IIB has ignored its members following our response to the Treasury on the issue on regulation of travel agents selling travel insurance (News, 15 February).

This article was indeed surprising news to us, as we have not received one single criticism from a member, or indeed any broker, following our response, which we sent to all members and we certainly have not experienced the reported "backlash".

We just wonder who these mystery brokers are and whether these sources are entirely reliable.

The Treasury requested a call for evidence on this issue and that's exactly what we did. We surveyed our members in December last year, calling for their comments.

Having received barely a handful of responses from members out of 1,100 firms, the majority were actually NOT in favour of travel agents becoming regulated in the same way as brokers.

Based on this response from members and the silence from the majority, we responded accordingly, reflecting our members views.

If members do not respond to us, we cannot force them to, nor would we want to – that's not how this broker trade association works.

We only believe in formulating responses to government based on the actual views and opinions of our members received which is exactly what we did.

Representing the views of our members is precisely what we do and have been doing successfully for the last 20 years. History shows that we are often the only body willing to stand up and voice the real concerns of the broker, despite what others may think.

If the names of these brokers could be provided to us, we will gladly respond to them.

Elizabeth Adams-Reid, Technical & marketing executive, IIB