10% saving available for good environmental practice

Independent Insurance Services, the only insurance broker to be registered with the British Standards Environmental Management System, has launched a commercial insurance product under its ‘Ecocover’ branding with discounts for eco-friendly businesses.

Offered initially for Commercial Combined, the policy is underwritten by a leading UK insurer.

Businesses can be rewarded with a discount of up to 10% in addition to other policy benefits for good environmental practices. These may include recycling, conserving energy and water, green procurement, using wind or solar power, or operating an Environmental Management System.

Standard policy cover will be enhanced to include increased cover for loss of metered oil and water, solar panel and wind turbine cover and cover for waste streams. Reduced excesses have also been negotiated.

Ray Johnson, Proprietor of Independent Insurance Services, said: “We consider ourselves to have the relevant expertise and experience when it comes to environmental matters. It is a hot topic at last! Recycling, carbon footprints, transport and a wealth of other aspects have always been a serious issue to us. Over many years we have negotiated discounts for clients with good environmental practices. We are the first broker in the insurance sector to be truly carbon neutral. We are delighted with this initiative under ‘Ecocover’ that is the first ever environmentally focused commercial insurance offering.”

Independent Insurance Services has won several awards including the national ‘Green Apple Award’ for environmental best practice and several local Kent Business Environment Awards.

Independent Insurance Services also offer eco discounts for other classes of business.