I want to express my delight on reading the recent opinion from Gary Head, professional indemnity underwriting manager at Hiscox (Comment, 27 October)

What a relief to finally read an opinion, which closely follows my own. Gary's opinion applies across the board of insurances and not just professional indemnity.

Chief executives and those who make the top decisions in insurance companies have the power to change the way insurance is underwritten and yet, year on year, the same old cycle repeats itself, leaving an unpredictable market, tension between insurers and brokers and, most importantly, the cycle breeds distrust from insurance customers.

Underwriters need to start underwriting again and look at what is the actual risk being proposed. Then rate it sensibly and reasonably.

An unstable cycle does nothing for confidence and, as insurance is all about life, underwriting should reflect what happens in the real world.

And the sooner underwriters remember that they are customers too and look at the service levels they expect from other businesses, then the industry will start to improve and move with the times.

If the banking industry can turn its poor image around in just a few years, to a more supporting and approachable infrastructure, then why can't we?

Bravo Gary, I agree. Innovation is long overdue.

Elizabeth Adams-Reid
Technical and marketing executive
Institute of Insurance Brokers