Only a third of holidaymakers know they need travel insurance to secure compensation for unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances, finds research for Primary Insurance.

Many people are misguided into thinking they can claim money back anyway because of the nature of the circumstances themselves.

About half, 49%, feel they can claim in the event of a death among the holiday party. Nearly a quarter feel they are due a refund if they are called up for jury service. One in eight women think compensation will be paid if they become pregnant. And 8% of holidaymakers expect their money back if they are made redundant.

Primary's Phil Denman said the findings should be a fillip to brokers.

“Cancellation comprises 25% to 30% of all travel insurance claims, but there is widespread ignorance about the need for cancellation cover, which the agent should address at point of sale,” he said.

While most holidaymakers, 83%, claim they would not cancel a holiday in any event if they had already booked it, they change their tune under specific circumstances. The research finds:

  • 66% would cancel if their intended travelling companion died
  • 66% would cancel if a close relative died
  • 65% said that their own serious illness or sickness would cause them to cancel.