Redundant Independent Insurance employees claiming unfair dismissal are likely to be left waiting for any payouts.

The employees took their case to an employment tribunal after being made redundant by Independent liquidator PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).

Their case was recently adjourned to 3 April after PWC lawyer Herbert Smith admitted that PWC would not know the insurer's realisation and the amount and timing of the creditors' dividend by March as planned.

But an insider said it was likely the case would be adjourned again in April.

The source said it would be considered more "cost effective" if employees were compensated along with creditors when the scheme of arrangement is put in place next year.

PWC blamed the "complexities" of Independent's business for the delay in realising the insurer's worth and establishing a dividend.

"We thought by this March we'd have a greater understanding of the business, but we don't at this stage because of the complicated nature of the liquidation," a PWC spokeswoman said.

Former Independent staff can contact each other at .