ABI slammed for failing to support the CII's recruitment strategy

Brokers and insurers have urged the ABI and Biba to join the CII in its crusade to attract new blood to the insurance industry.

Last week, Insurance Times revealed that the CII had set up a working group to look at measures to tackle the insurance industry's recruitment problems.

Allianz Cornhill business developer Ben Buckton, who sits on the Insurance Times Young Professionals Advisory Board, voiced his disappointment at the apparent lack of cross-industry support for the strategy.

He said: "The ABI and Biba should be getting in on the act and providing public support for the CII.

"The ABI has done nothing publicly to show its support."

Grant Ellis, chief executive of the Broker Network, said he feared the CII was in danger of forming "another committee". He called for "absolute decisive action on the part of all parties - the CII, Biba and the ABI".

He added: "There are concerns that we end up missing the point. We get stuffy people who end up doing the same things that have been done before."

Eastern Alliance chief executive Grant Taylor said despite the CII being the "logical home" of a recruitment drive, a tri-party approach "can only do good".

CII director general Sandy Scott said that the body had already begun to make tracks on the initiative. He said it had approved terms of reference and begun writing to its board of young professional with a list of possible actions the group could take.

He said the CII would consider response to those actions in consultation with senior leaders of the group.

Peter Staddon, Biba's head of technical services, said he "fully endorsed" the CII project. "We are very aware we need to attract new recruits to the industry," he said.

An ABI spokesman said the ABI backed the CII's aims, but that it could not comment "at the moment" on closer involvement with the initiative.