Discussions gather momentum as industry representatives converge

Loss adjusters and damage management specialists are set to step up pressure on government to redouble efforts to solve flooding issues.

In a meeting organised by the all-party parliamentary group on insurance and financial services, Cila, the CII Society of Fellows, the ABI and the British Damage Management Association (BDMA) will discuss what one participant called "government inertia" over flooding.

The meeting, which will take place on 5 November, is a Munters initiative.

Cila executive director Graham Cave said that his association was "pleased to be involved".

In separate move, ABI director general Mary Francis spoke this week at the allparty group on flooding meeting.

She explained the ABI's statement of principles to the Commons select committee and detailed the levels of cover and what the principles would mean for the policyholder.

This week also featured the National Flood Forum Conference in York, which was sponsored by Norwich Union (NU).

The conference discussed the impact and effect of flooding on communities, as well as measures that could be taken to help reduce the damage to property.

NU head of property claims John Wickham spoke about the role of insurance in the wake of floods, the new ABI set of principles and how insurers can contribute by giving advice to customers on durable repairs after a flood.

NU is also sponsoring the FLOWS (Floodplain Land-use Optimising Workable Sustainability) project. This is a EU initiative involving the UK, Holland, Sweden and Norway.

The project aims to offer ways to make existing properties more flood resilient.

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