Judges ‘impressed’ by innovative and effective use of technology to feed back to young drivers

Ingenie has won the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for 2013.

Since 1987 The Prince’s Awards has recognised those who have improved road safety in the UK and the International Road Safety Awards recognises ‘outstanding’ achievement and innovation worldwide.

The award scheme director Adrian Walsh said: “What impressed the judges most [about Ingenie] was the innovative and effective use of technology to feed back to the young drivers.”

The feedback loop to drivers gives advice via a smartphone app on aspects such as speed, braking, cornering and smoothness.

Ignenie also offers financial incentives in the form of quarterly premium discounts to customers who drive well.

A spokesperson for the young driver insurer said it believed the company also stood out because of its campaigns to raise awareness about road safety, such as its work on Drive iQ, TyreSafe, Surrey Safe Drive Stay Alive and ITV’s Fixers.

Ingenie’s founder and chief executive Richard King said despite being a commercial business, the company’s ethos has always been to encourage and educate young people on how to drive more safely.

“And it’s all made possible by our advanced telematics technology,” King added.

“We are thrilled to have won the Prince Michael Award. For us, it’s like winning an Oscar.

“It’s fantastic to have Ingenie’s innovative approach validated by a panel of experts in the field of road safety, less than two years after we went live.”