We spoke to Allianz director of broker markets Nick Hobbs to find out what it takes to deliver a top notch service to brokers following its Four Star rating in the Insurance Times Commercial Lines Broker Service Survey

Allianz scored highest for its quality of cover. Why do you think you stood out in this area?

Our approach is one of constant review and evolution. We don’t aim to be the widest or the simplest, we aim to be the one that provides the most reliable outcome at point of underwriting (and thus, clearly, at point of claim).  

What does Allianz look for in a broker partner?

Simple stuff really: good and regular interaction, honesty in expression, quality in placement, long-term attitudes and behaviours, people who care about a customer outcome. 

Why is it important to foster good relationships with brokers?

Well, we are a wholly intermediated business. Brokers are our distribution base. We like it that way. We are good at some things, they are good at the others that make for a great overall outcome. Without a good relationship then that wouldn’t always be the case.

What makes for a good claims service?

Speed, reliability, communication, understanding of the customer and broker position, a mutually acceptable outcome.    

How important is technology in claims management?

It’s not essential but you have to respond to the changes in the world around you and that means immediacy, availability, and up to date. It also means that we need to keep costs down and technology in claims management has a part to play there too.  

What is Allianz doing to improve its service offering for 2020?

We have changed and scaled up our branches to enable us to stay local and provide great local service. We have changed our system suite to enable load balancing between businesses – and a more prompt service. We continue to invest in our CII-accredited Excellence programmes.

We are putting claims at the centre of our proposition. We also remain, always, modest and never comfortable that we are doing enough. That is a nice maxim to operate by.