The ecommerce gold rush seems only one way at the moment – into the pockets of advertisers.

Cybermediary is catching the eye with its primetime TV advert using a take-off of the Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster, the Terminator.

But such is's rush to build brand identity and steal a march on the rest of the internet field that it has gone ahead without the backing of a motor insurer.

And the site only has two household insurers up and running: – Budget and Hiscox.

Similarly, on health, pets and life insurance is not yet providing online quotes. has a £5m budget set aside for its first advertising campaign which spans television, radio, national and regional newspapers.

The new internet company has been advertising regularly on new Channel 4 hit show, Big Brother.

A spokesman for the company said it was a matter of time before can offer quotes for these different classes of insurance and pointed out the TV advertising was only for household cover.

He said: “The advertising for the site was booked a long time ago and was due to start on July 10.

“We see this as a branding campaign about raising awareness in the marketplace.” has experienced particular difficulties integrating Prudential and Rias, its motor insurers.