The Backchat article (6 November , Insurance Times) got me thinking about what other car registrations would be appropriate for those who earn their modest living from the insurance industry.

I came up with the following, which incidentally require none of the strategically placed screw heads on the plate (which I thought were illegal anyway).

How about:

FLA 5H - For the more successful broker

LAP 5E - For the less successful broker

BI DEC - Used to be extremely rare, but more in demand lately

M1 SYS - Appropriate for a reliable old car with no Windows

F100 DED - Household insurers have suffered with this recently

A111 ANZ and H15 COX - presumably already taken - but by whom exactly, I wonder?

R8 INC - Much sought-after by insurers for the last two years

I wonder if anyone else has any other suggestions?

David Allison ACII
Chartered Insurance Practitioner