FCO updates travel advice in wake of shark attacks in Egypt

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued an insurance warning to people travelling to Egypt in the wake of shark attacks on swimmers in the Red Sea.

It warned travellers to make sure that their travel insurance fully covers adventure activities such as diving and snorkelling.

The FCO revised travel advice after attacks on swimmers in the Red Sea resort of Sharm El Sheikh.

A German tourist was killed by a shark while swimming off the resort at the weekend.

Five people have been attacked on the same stretch of coast in a week by what is believed to be a single adult oceanic white tip shark.

Diving and water sports in the area were suspended last Wednesday and the ban is likely to remain until the shark is caught.

"Unusually cheap operators may not provide adequate safety and insurance standards," the FCO said.

"Ensure that your travel insurance covers you fully before you dive. Diving beyond the depth limit of your insurance policy will invalidate your cover."

It added: "Ensure that your travel insurance, or that of the tour or dive company, provides adequate cover for the costs involved in any air/sea rescue if you are lost at sea.

"The current fee can exceed US$4000 per hour. The Egyptian authorities will only undertake air/sea rescue operations on receipt of a guarantee of payment. The British Embassy is unable to provide this initial guarantee, but does facilitate communication between insurance companies and the Egyptian authorities."