InsurE-com predicts 20% growth in insur-E.tam users by end of 2004

InsurE-com has extended its partnership with US-based Applied Systems until 2017, giving insur-E.tam users added security in the system, said insurE-com chief executive Jim McGuinness.

McGuinness said the new deal was a sign of a "very strong working relationship between the two companies".

UK brokers using insurE-com systems will benefit from the deal, said McGuinness. "Applied Systems has invested $64m in the research and development of its Tam system over the past five years. There isn't any other product in the UK market with that kind of investment.

"Brokers can see that they have a product that will stay alive and be developed in the future."

McGuinness said insurE-com was predicting 20% growth in year-on-year figures in the number of insur-E.tam users by the end of 2004.

He said the growth had been encouraged by the addition of the i-market compliant commercial lines data capture and management application (Claudia), premium finance and credit card payment facilities.

InsurE-com already has an agreement with Close Premium Finance, and is due to sign a deal with Benfield Finance in the next two months.

  • Norwich Union (NU) is to release its first Polaris-based commercial vehicle EDI product, Your Van, through the insurE-com portal.
  • The product was currently on the system in a pilot form, with full deployment expected in the next few weeks, said insurE-com. In addition, NU's private car EDI renewals pilot has been successfully completed and, with the product, rolled out.