Specialist insurer Hiscox and broker Senior Wright have combined to win an internet-affinity deal with Contract Direct, a firm that advises freelance IT consultants on financial matters.

Hiscox and Senior Wright will provide Contract Direct's clients with business liability insurance using internet technology.

Contract Direct advises IT consultants on a number of issues ranging from their finances to business processes and management.

Hiscox chairman Robert Hiscox said: "The internet presents a great opportunity for the insurance industry, and we are determined to ride the crest of the e-commerce wave by focusing on all of our processes."

Glen Gosling, a client adviser at Senior Wright, said: "All the talk at the moment is about disintermediation. This, however, is a great example of where brokers and insurers can work together to maximise the internet as an opportunity."

The deal will mean an insurance icon for Senior Wright appearing on a Contract Direct extranet site that the company's clients can access via e-mail.

Hiscox said it is close to signing a number of similar internet-affinity deals.