Survey reveals a third of insurers would leave the industry if they could

Insurance professionals think insurance is "less exciting" than other sectors and a third would leave the industry if they could, according to new research.

The survey, carried out by financial recruitment specialist Joslin Rowe, also reveals that employees think the industry is not investing enough in its staff or in graduates.

Just 26% of respondents said their firms had a graduate scheme while around 60% said the industry is doing too little to attract graduates and other high calibre employees.

Nearly a third of people said they would leave the industry if they could, with 54% saying they would like to stay.

However, the survey showed that the majority - 67% - still believe their long-term future will be in insurance.

When it comes to new jobs, the research shows that people are most tempted by those offering career progression and training (75%), new skills (62%) and finally a better salary (59%).

Insurance salaries were rated average by 45%, while 25% considered their salaries competitive. A massive 42% said they had never received a bonus at work.

When asked how the industry was perceived compared with other sectors, the top five answers were "less exciting", "professional", "secure", "well paid" and "good career opportunities".

Approximately 120 insurance professionals were questioned in the survey.