Brokers are more content with insurer service levels than ever before, but there is still work to be done, Biba's intermediary satisfaction survey has revealed.

The survey, carried out by Harris Interactive, found broker satisfaction levels had improved significantly since its last survey conducted in 2002.

But Biba said there were still issues to be addressed, with flexibility of under-writing seen as the most important.

Commercial brokers also expressed concerns about the speed of issue of policy documents and the accuracy of paperwork.

The survey found that brokers preferred insurers to revise a policy rather than have them send through amendments.

The survey also showed that improvements in speed of issue and accuracy of documents were seen as important for brokers in adapting to the FSA's rules.

Brokers predicted that technology would transform how business was transacted. A large majority forecast more business would be handled electronically in the next two years.

Biba chief executive Eric Galbraith said: "There are inevitably areas for improvement and both brokers and insurers should work together to address these issues.

"It is in the interests of both to continue to improve."