Intech Solutions has unveiled its new e-business package, Enterprise Insurance Domain (EID), claiming that the technology provides a one-stop solution for insurers in the Lloyd's and companies' markets.

EID works by linking up the processes an insurer uses to trade – underwriting, administration systems, etc. – with more workflow- or marketing-type packages, such as document management and customer relationship management.

These processes are integrated via an Enterprise Information Portal and supported by Intech's Web Trading facility.

Large-scale and multi-location deployment is achieved by the use of 'thin client' server-based technology.

Tony Holland, managing director at Intech Solutions, believes the insurance market is poised for dramatic and rapid change.

He said: "The changing market is such that transforming your business into a profitable e-business means moving from a marketing and sales 'web' approach to a flexible and open electronic infrastructure that delivers results across the company from an e-supply chain to improving customer retention."

The launch is a culmination of nine months' research and development since Intech bought Netsoft Solutions in July last year.