US broker expects to open London office with 25 staff in September

Global broker Integro is looking to cherry pick the country's top broking talent ahead of opening a London office later this year.

Integro chief executive Roger Egan warned competitors Marsh, Aon and Willis that he would attract the staff who wanted to work with a company with no regulatory baggage.

And the recruitment drive will not stop there, he added: "We are looking for the top talent in the industry, that could mean going beyond the top three."

He said brokers were feeling "less comfortable" in the current regulatory climate and wanted to work for a company "run by experienced insurance brokers".

Integro is aiming to recruit a worldwide force of 500, with 25 brokers specialising in placing large complicated risks based in London.

Market sources said Integro would open a London office in September but Egan declined to confirm this.

He said the company had appointed a managing director to head up its London operations. The name will be revealed in June.

The US based Integro opened for business earlier this month with $300m private capital.

It is opening offices in the industrial hubs of the US with headquarters in New York.

Egan said Integro would "stay focused" on placing large complicated risks to hit its target of $1bn revenue by 2012.