InterResolve and Aon, have announced a partnership to provide UK corporate businesses with, what they claim will be, faster and more cost effective resolution of employers' liability, public liability and fleet motor claims.

The partnership will enable Aon to offer its corporate clients and the insurance market direct access to InterResolve's Bodily Injury Claims Scheme.

Aon said this will make it possible for firms to achieve significant reductions in costs and time taken to settle both simple and complex claims.

Aon said the scheme is unique in offering fixed legal, medical and mediation costs for motor, employers' and public liability claims resulting in third party transaction costs savings of between 30% and 80% in most cases, as well as reducing claims settlement time taken by as much as 18 months.

Claimants will receive independent legal advice in many injury claims without the need to have full legal representation. In more complex claims, claimants get full representation at prices agreed with insurers. The legal input is provided by LawAlliance, the UK personal injury lawyers' network. The scheme makes greater use of early mediation and provides much wider options for Alternative Dispute Resolution than are used at present.

Peter Ashdown-Barr, chief executive of InterResolve, said: “This is a significant development and shows that the industry is taking up the challenge of improving the way injury claims are resolved. Our scheme benefits claimants, saves huge costs for insurers and companies and even improves the business model for lawyers.”