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Cover story

underinsurance (2)

Inflation-driven underinsurance demands tough talk from brokers

Brokers cannot be the ‘Father Christmas’ of low premiums amid inflation and supply chain squeezes, yet they can be the ‘antidote’ to underinsurance


inflation (3)

Opinion: Value add support services must be promoted to avoid cover corner cutting

Editor Katie Scott discusses the role of insurance firms and risk management amid current inflationary pressures

The Market

Premier League Champions 2022

Premier League risk register expands following BI-linked lawsuit launch

As a number of Premier League football clubs initiate BI-related legal action against insurers, Insurance Times explores the myriad risks that footballers and clubs could encounter in today’s post-pandemic landscape

The People

housing disrepair

Property disrepair claims fraud is beginning to look like ‘the new PPI’

Industry experts have noticed a worrying increase in claims farming from CMCs in the property disrepair arena



Backchat June 2022

An alternative leg day away from the gym, an insurance professional cooks up a storm and one insurer celebrates its 100th birthday. What has the insurance sector been up to lately? You heard it here first…