How is the tech market looking?

Let’s name and shame

“Looking forward, I think the best deterrent to committing fraud is the belief that you are going to get caught. I wonder how someone who does a little bit of individual insurance fraud can be penalised in as public a way as is needed to send a message that we won’t tolerate this.”

Ian Faulkner, Metaskil

Catch them early

“The applications stage is becoming more and more interesting to the insurers. I think now, because fraud prevention has become such a competitive field, this is where they are looking for new tools.”

Mike Gordon, FICO

Instinct plays a vital part

“There are a lot of companies out there trying to sell us products claiming that they are the silver bullet as far as fraud investigation, identification and repudiation is concerned, but they’re not. It’s a compilation of many different threads that need to come together. The gut instinct that tells you that something just isn’t right; that’s something that we’re very keen to train in Admiral.”

Susan Evans, Admiral