Flicking through the Saturday edition of The Times, Backchat was shocked to find a large article dedicated to insurance that used adjectives such as "creativity" and "desire".

What could it be? An account on some complex and innovative policy that has saved lives and millions of pounds for consumers?

No it was an assessment of none other than Biba chief executive Mike Williams. The old Thunderer has been running a series of character profiles, based on graphology, of various insurance celebs.

Williams is quite the diplomat and charmer, and is prone to "inflated lower zone loops" which the graphologist Emma Bache says shows "burgeoning sensuality".

She also noticed the "consistent vertical slant" which displays the writer "has a struggle between their mental clarity and their emotional confusion".

Overall, Williams could be in danger of hiding his more "sensitive and deeply emotional nature under an obvious, or crowd-pleasing facade".

Backchat can't wait for sensitive Williams' speech at this year's Biba conference.