James Clegg

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    Giving the red carpet treatment


    When CHP decided to revamp its film product, it went behind the scenes to find out what was missing. We speak to the broker that is now ready for its close-up

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    More than just a one-trick pony


    Four Counties has handled horsebox insurance since 1969 and, thanks in part to a savvy acquisition in 2005 and joining CCV two years ago, it is riding high

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    The value of care and empathy


    A conversation with his cleaner led one company boss to devise a scheme to help disabled people insure their vehicles. We find this North-West broker reaping the benefit

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    The scheme that runs on empty


    The owner of an unoccupied property will usually discover that their insurance is limited to the basics. We look at a scheme that can cover all eventualities

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    Environmental damage limitation


    Most businesses traditionally have relied on public liability or property insurance to cover their environmental liability. But it’s no longer enough

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    A square peg for a square hole


    Customers may love getting a good deal on their insurance, but what about those who can’t get any cover at all? We talk to the broker that’s targeting the uninsurable

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    After dark: nightclub cover with ClubPM


    In a new series showcasing innovation in broker schemes, we speaks to the creators of a bespoke cover catering for nightclubs under the Licensing Act 2003

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    Appointing a director? Be prepared


    The FSA has been taking a more intrusive approach to regulating the appointment of senior functions within companies. But how does this affect brokers?