Better information sharing can help prevent attacks, broker says

JLT has told insurers to improve their information sharing if they want to prevent losses from claims related to piracy attacks.

Sean Woollerson, partner, JLT, says, "The shipping industry is under severe economic pressure and insurers have suffered many losses resulting from the exposures associated with this crisis. However, mis-information and a lack of knowledge can often exaggerate problems and whilst no one is denying that this issue is complex as it crosses many issues, countries and organisations, we need to pull together both as an insurance industry and as a wider group involved in maritime activity to find solutions".

Commander Gerry Northwood, who has helped prevent piracy across the world, said: "Attacks are both planned and unplanned combined with a tyranny of distance and the fact that preventative measures remain a sticking plaster on the problem until something can be done about Somalia itself".

While Commander Northwood, felt the cure was not maritime operations, the mission of EUROFOR Atalanta, the internationally recommended transit corridor (IRTC) and the Maritime Security Centre are working together to create better coverage and operations "underpinned by reassurance".