Hughub aims to boost broker loyalty by providing better customer service

Jonathan Davey carousel

Former SSP corporate partners managing director Jonathan Davey (pictured) and former AXA chief operating officer Max Carruthers have teamed up to launch a new broker portal called Hughub.

The portal, which can be branded to suit the broker or insurance retailer licensing it, will focus on personal lines initially but the company said that it could also be applicable to commercial lines.

Davey is Hughub’s chief executive and Carruthers is its chairman.

The company hopes to have the first demonstrable version of its platform ready by the end of April and be implementing live versions before summer, Davey told Insurance Times.

Single view

The portal is designed to provide buyers of insurance with a single online repository for all their insurance policies and needs. It is designed to make buying insurance more convenient by, for example, ensuring customers do not need to answer the same questions twice when buying different policies.

The theory is that the improved customer service the portal allows will increase loyalty to the broker using it. In addition, the customer insight the portal gives the insurer, supported by data enrichment, is intended to give the broker more opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell products.

The amount brokers pay Hughub to licence the portal will depend on how successfully Hughub helps them grow. Davey said: “While there are some initial set-up and service costs to get up and running, we will work on an individual charging model with each individual broker, which will be driven by how much we help that broker grow their book and or their profitability.”

Hughub is not designed to replace any systems a broker is already using. Davey said that the technology will work with any broker back-office system and can be used by brokers who use multiple systems.

New products

Hughub will initially focus on personal motor, home, gadget, travel and pet as a core offering, with more products to follow.

Davey said: “It is limitless in terms of the number of insurance products that it can cater for.

“We’re expecting there to be a myriad of different insurance products on there. The technology itself is agnostic of back office and agnostic of product.”

In addition to Davey and Carruthers, the Hughub team includes chief marketing officer Jonathan Pearce, chief operations and technical officer Andrew Holley, creative director John Shaw and brand development officer Donna Eley.

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