Allianz Cornhill has named the first member of its new senior management team in Scotland.

Colin Kennedy, 38, has become regional manager after a 20-year career with Eagle Star, recently as commercial business manager in Leeds.

In his new post in Glasgow, he will lead Allianz Cornhill's campaign to strengthen its links with the Scottish broker market. The move is part of the insurer's image revamp that has seen the name of its German parent company added to its business title.

Kennedy's immediate plans are to encourage a closer relationship with brokers large and small.

"Our relationship with Scottish brokers is quite good at the moment," he said. "However, we have not done enough for some of the major brokers in terms of helping to expand their business.

"We aim to be more flexible in terms of our underwriting capacity by increasing the size of business we can write. Smaller brokers have said they would like to see less red tape so we might be doing away with proposal forms for some specific brokers." Kennedy is soon to be assisted by two national managers for underwriting and broking business. They too will be from outside Allianz Cornhill and will provide new impetus to the company's management.