I am writing to set the record straight on my departure from Hiscox, following the incorrect and unsubstantiated piece that you printed last week. As you did not have the courtesy to contact me before going into print, I trust you will now rectify the situation by printing this letter. Unlike Insurance Times, I prefer to deal with facts not rumours propagated by people who are not prepared to be identified.

Fact 1: Hiscox decided to change its structure and, as a result, my role no longer exists and I was made redundant. Hiscox clearly confirmed this to you before you went into print.

Fact 2: I don't happen to agree with the new structure as proposed by Hiscox. It is its prerogative and it's tough on me, but that's life.

Fact 3: During my tenure throughout 2002 and 2003, my business areas produced the best ever results for Hiscox.

My reputation speaks for itself. Judge me on the facts not "market rumours".

Guy Knight

  • Editor's reply:

  • We stand by the article published. All allegations were put to Hiscox. Its response was published. Mr Knight was contacted but failed to respond by the Insurance Times deadline.