Acturis-based system will target small to medium brokers

Layton Blackham will launch a broker network in the summer, using a custom-made Acturis system.

The network, rumoured to have cost over £1m, will be aimed at small to medium, and primarily commercial, brokers.

It will be called Layton Blackham Business Solutions.

Chairman and chief executive Chris Blackham said the network would comprise compliance, IT, marketing and training solutions, plus unique products and markets.

"It's a really high quality one-stop shop for brokers," he said.

"We'll be like a mother hen."

Blackham said the company had been working with Acturis on the network for about 18 months.

But he said the company had planned a network for much longer.

"We've been waiting for the right moment to do it but didn't want to act until the IT systems were available," he said.

"Now, with brokers facing increased demands because of statutory regulation, it seems like the right time to launch."

However, Blackham said he would not rush to sign up brokers to the network.

"We'll definitely not release it until we're absolutely ready, which is what has gone wrong with a number of other systems," he said.

"We want to get every person who signs up absolutely right, so we'll be very selective.

"I'd rather provide a complete solution to a dozen brokers than have 240 scrambling about, trying to make it work.

"Then hopefully the dozen will lead to another dozen and so on."

Layton Blackham is currently recruiting some staff from outside the company to work on the network.