Tällt report scopes journey and reveals the best insurtechs in the country 

It sounds like something out of a scene in Blade Runner. 

You aren’t feeling well and need help. But instead of going to a doctor, you enter an unstaffed clinic with an AI doctor.

The robot diagnoses you and directs you to a medical shoot where your pills have been rapidly dispersed. You pick them up and walk off happy that you have been dealt with. 

This is not some futuristic fantasy, but is happening right now with Chinese giant Ping An.

The insurer has used AI, digital and internet in ways that European insurers can barely fathom to pull in more than half a billion customers in just a few years.

You can learn more about the Chinese insurance market and the key players in this free downloadable report from Tällt.

Tällt is organising a fresh trip to China for interested companies, with details at the end of the report. 

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