Ford gives brokers a rough ride

While listening to the radio over the past few weeks, a very annoying advert from the mighty Ford car company has really got up my nose.

The advert runs a story of a broker ringing his client to remind him that his motor insurance is due for renewal. The client does not respond, and so the broker rings several more times trying to cajole the client into renewing.

The sweet voice from Ford then comes on and offers the usual free insurance for a year when you buy a new car.

OK so far. This is what we have come to expect. But it is the punch line that really sticks the boot in. The sweet voice from Ford says: "Go on, give your insurance broker the elbow."

It is one thing a main dealer being able to offer insurance, but to go so far as to actually tell people over the airwaves not to use a broker is too much for me.

I, for one, would never buy Ford. And I would ask other hard working brokers to "Give Ford the boot" when it comes to buying its cars.

Max D Robinson
Owen & Ewing

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