The results of AA's Ford Focus survey have shown that Liverpool is the most expensive area in the country to insure a car.

The report said that the mean average cost of insuring a car in the L6 district of Liverpool is £639 per year.

This compares to the national mean average of £369 per year. Last year's mean average for the UK was £360 per year.

The survey, which analyses the cost of car insurance for an average couple driving a mid-range car, is scheduled to be published later this month.

Last year, Manchester was the most expensive area in which to insure a car, with the mean average for the Wythenshawe area of the city standing at £567 per year.

In this year's survey, the mean average for Wythenshawe fell to £530.

The Ford Focus survey is based on the average open market rate for a 37-year-old factory worker and his 35-year-old partner driving a mid-range Ford Focus with clean licences.