Lockton has launched an affinity arm to spearhead drive into SME and specialist markets

Lockton International has launched Lockton Affinity to spearhead its drive into the SME volume and specialist markets.

Lockton Affinity brings together all of Lockton’s volume business relationships in one focused unit. Affinity, headed by chairman Steve Eginoire, will deliver risk management solutions to Lockton’s SME corporate clients, including: small and mid-market professional partnerships, mobility risks, motor sport and classic cars, housing associations, insolvency practitioners and private clients.

Eginoire said: “We already enjoy a great reputation in a number of volume and SME markets, including the professions, SME business and more specialist sectors such as motor sports, mobility and insolvency.

“Smaller commercial and specialist clients have very specific needs for service, claims and risk management which are often not met by the market. Bringing the wide range of skills we already offer these clients into one focused Affinity division lets us focus our client servicing, broking and administration capabilities on delivering a tailored service to smaller clients in a way that we believe few can match.

“We have ambitious plans to develop the Affinity offering and intend to announce a series of new products, services and tailored schemes for our smaller commercial clients over the coming months.”