I read with interest the page one story regarding the CII (News, 2 March). I spent more than 30 years in the insurance industry, the majority with Norwich Union (NU), proudly qualifying for my ACII in 1977.

Just over a year ago after redundancy from NU and a spell working for Folgate, I found myself unable to find a role in the profession despite my experience, excellent training and past achievements.

I considered that there should be a position for me somewhere, maybe to pass on my experience to the younger generation. I contacted the FSA and was curtly rejected without even an interview.

As a last resort, I wrote a personal letter to Sandy Scott, CII director general, giving my thoughts, but regretfully resigning my membership. I received a standard reply and this not from Scott.

Therefore at the age of 52 I have had no alternative but to take my considerable people skills and knowledge elsewhere.

I am now working in the Civil Service dealing with the public on a weekly basis.

I consider myself a loss to the so called insurance profession I joined nearly 35 years ago.

Name & address withheld