Lloyd's did its bit for Comic Relief by helping Marketform underwriter Simon Lotter reach his target of raising £10,000 for the cause.

The derring-do underwriter kept his promise to scale the apex of the Lime Street building at the end of a rope held by his boss Holly Bellingham.

The experienced climber's assistant confessed to having some doubt before the venture, saying she suffered from vertigo.

However, the brave Lotter showed he knew no fear himself as he began his climb, cheered on by the inimitable TV prankster Jeremy Beadle and workers at Lloyd's.

Lotter did have one small scare while pulling himself up the building: “I realised at the top that I had nearly run out of rope.”

But he soon overcame this small glitch to complete his ascent.

He joked his close shave was down to Lloyd's officials, explaining: “I asked Lloyd's if I could climb above the main entrance but they said I couldn't in case I fell and damaged the canopy.”