Risk management service provider, RiskStop, is set to announce tie-ups with "household name brokers, including nationals" for its new low-cost survey product, Support.

RiskStop consultant Trevor Smith said: "Support can be used for a range of businesses where insurers don't survey the risks.

"There is strong demand from brokers to differentiate themselves from competitors.

"It is ideal for those with affinity and schemes business."

He added that Support, which can be branded in the broker's name, was appropriate for a range of risks including various contractors, motor fleets and professions such as dentists.

Smith said the main benefit was that the survey was carried out by the business owner.

"This means greater ownership and also substantially reduces the cost. The business completes the questionnaire which it then returns to us for analysis and bespoke guidance."

He added that Support costs around 10% to 20% of a conventional survey, but the cost of the surveys could be met by insurers or absorbed by brokers.

RiskStop also provides its services direct to a number of insurers including AXA and NIG.

The first brokers to use Support were those belonging to agricultural network, FarmWeb, Smith said.