Reading Dr Norwich's letter (Insurance Times 9 May) you could almost hear the tramp of the Luddite boots as they marched on the looms.

Of course, Dr Norwich runs a competitor organisation to Mobile Doctors and is concerned the advances we have made in technology and service provision will further reduce his competitiveness in the market.

I would like to reassure him Mobile Doctors has taken every precaution to make medical records and our website secure. The following are some of the precautions we have taken:

  • All users must be authenticated before being granted access to the secure area of our website
  • Users are able to access only those cases they themselves have instructed us on.
  • To view any images (medical records) on the website specific software available only from MDL is required. Without this software there is only a blank screen.
  • The server uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with 128-bit encryption for all communications. This provides secure end-to-end communications and prevents anyone from "packet sniffing" the data being transferred between our web server and the client's web browser.
  • We have a firewall that is tested monthly by an external penetration testing company. We are pleased to say that it has yet to penetrate our security.
  • All access to the website is logged and traceable to a specific IP address. This includes all unsuccessful attempts to access secure areas.

    With this approach I am pleased that Mobile Doctors strategy is congruent with that of the NHS, where most records are now kept in electronic format and where there is a plan to introduce an NHS intranet to share records between hospitals, GP surgeries and pharmacies.

    Nothing is 100% certain in life but our web security makes transmission of medical record safer by this route than by either mail, fax ... or carrier pigeon.

    Paul Crowther
    Mobile Doctors

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