Allianz Cornhill has appointed Paul Maidment as commercial director for the South and London trading, its largest commercial region.

Maidment, who was previously Allianz Cornhill's national panels manager, has assumed many of the responsibilities previously under the remit of Chris Hanks, who was promoted to general manager of Allianz Cornhill earlier this year.

Maidment said that he feared that the standard of customer service would fall as both brokers and insurers concentrated on the introduction of FSA regulation. He said that service standards would be at the top of his agenda.

"In the longer term regulation helps to create more stable market conditions and helps to raise standards.

"But regulation is also there to protect the customer.

"What concerns me is that the industry's reputation may be tarnished still further if we allow other priorities to lose sight of what our core purpose is - providing a good service at a price which is sustainable."