Abacus Syndicates

Abacus Syndicates
6th Floor
37-39 Lime Street
London EC3M 7AY
Tel: 020 7398 2525
Fax: 020 7626 3737
Syndicate: 2525
Underwriter: David Pratt
Capacity (2004): £74m
Classes of business:
Employers' liability
Public liability
Products liability
Professional indemnity
Top capital provider (2003): CBS Private Capital
Syndicate: 2526
Underwriter: Andy Dore
Capacity (2004): £30m
Classes of business:
Professional indemnity
Top capital provider (2003): CBS Private Capital
Agency background: Abacus Syndicates is the managing agent for Syndicate 2525. The agency has set up Abacus Underwriting Agencies, a service company for the syndicate, which has offices in Birmingham and Glasgow, and a loss adjuster, Specialist Liability Services, to manage claims for Syndicate 2525 and for third parties. Underwriting, claims and management teams are established in London and the regions. For the 2001 year of account, the company set up a dedicated corporate member to support Syndicate 2525, Abacus Corporate Capital Member.
Service company: Abacus Underwriting Agencies

Ace Global Markets
ACE Building
100 Leadenhall Street
London EC3A 3BP
Tel: 020 7173 7000
Fax: 020 7173 7800
Syndicate: 2488
Underwriter: Richard Pryce
Capacity (2004): £550m
Classes of business:
Financial lines
Energy 3%
Accident & health 3%
Political risk & trade credit 1%
Inwards reinsurance
Top capital provider (2003): Ace Ltd Agency
Agency background:
Syndicate 2488 is managed by Ace Underwriting Agencies. Following the acquisition of the Methuen Underwriting and Ockham Worldwide agencies in 1996, Ace purchaced the Tarquin group of companies and formed Ace Global Markets in 1998.
Ace Global Markets is the holding company of ACE Underwriting Agencies.
Service company: N/A

Advent Underwriting
Third Floor
One America Square,
17 Crosswall
London EC3N 2LB
Tel: 020 7954 4400
Fax: 020 7954 4499
Website: www.adventgroup.co.uk
Syndicate: 780
Underwriter: Lloyd Tunnicliffe
Capacity (2004): £216.1m
Classes of business:
Treaty reinsurance
Assumed reinsurance
Marine excess of loss
Casualty reinsurance
Personal accident
Top capital provider (2003): Advent Capital
Agency background: BF Caudle Agencies changed its name to Advent Underwriting with effect from 28 November 2002.
Advent Underwriting Managing Agency has managed the underwriting business of Syndicate 780 since 1975 and has produced an average profit of 14.5% for the 26 years since commencing trading.
The Advent Group was founded in 1993 and has developed its own capital vehicles to support its underwriting business. Advent was one of the first dedicated capital providers in the Lloyd's market in 1995 and has adopted a policy of supporting only in-house syndicates.
Service company: N/A

Aegis Managing Agency
1st Floor
110 Fenchurch Street
London EC3M 5JT
Tel: 020 7265 2100
Fax: 020 7265 2101
Website: www.aegislimited.com
Syndicate: 1225
Underwriter: Philip Thorpe-Apps
Capacity (2004): £175m
Classes of business:
Non-marine property
Marine liability
Non-marine casualty
Top capital provider (2003): Aegis Electric & Gas International Services Ltd
Agency background: Aegis Energy Syndicate 1225 (AES 1225) was originally conceived to assist with the overall Aegis (Bermuda) strategy of developing a broad international capability. Aegis (Bermuda) is an established mutual insurance company and its members are primarily related to the utility and energy industry. Aegis (Bermuda) is the ultimate holding company of 100% of the corporate members backing Aegis Syndicate 1225 and of the agency.
The syndicate commenced underwriting for the 1999 year of account under a turnkey arrangement with Omni Whittington. Aegis Managing Agency Ltd took over the management of the syndicate in January 2001. In September 2001 Philip Thorpe-Apps was appointed as the new director of underwriting.
Service company: N/A

Amlin Underwriting
St Helen's
One Undershaft
London EC3A 8ND
Tel: 0207 746 1000
Fax: 0207 746 1122
Email: info@amlin.co.uk
Website www.amlin.com
Syndicate: 2001
Underwriter: Tony Holt
Capacity (2004): £1bn
Classes of business:
Accident & health 2%
Aviation legal liability 11%
Aviation physical loss/damage 6%
Energy 1%
Goods in transit 2%
Motor 26%
Non-marine property loss or damage 14%
Non-marine general liability 8%
Pecuniary loss 2%
Ships and other marine liability 1%
Ships physical loss or damage 4%
Specific inwards XL 1%
Whole account XL 23%
Top capital provider (2003): Amlin Underwriting
Agency background: Amlin was created in 1998 from the merger of Angerstein Underwriting Trust and the Murray Lawrence Group. Angerstein Underwriting Trust was formed in 1993 and participated on a number of third party syndicates as well as Syndicates 902 and 1141, whose managing agencies it acquired in 1997. The Murray Lawrence Group managed Syndicate 2001, which comprised four strong franchises, Harvey Bowring, Coles, Summit and MLP Aviation.
In 1997 the syndicate was formed from the merger of the Murray Lawrence Group's syndicates, including most notably the former Syndicates 40 and 362, which traded under the names KJ Coles and Harvey Bowring respectively.
Syndicates 902 and 1141 were merged into Syndicate 2001 for the 2001 year.
The reason Amlin restructured its underwriting operations in October 2000 was to allow a greater focus on the future needs of brokers and clients, to channel investment more effectively into business development and service standards and to achieve economies of scale.
All of Amlin's underwriting is conducted in Syndicate 2001. It comprises four divisions:
- Amlin Aviation - aviation
- Amlin Insurance Services - motor and UK insurance
- Coles - marine
- Harvey Bowring - non-marine and reinsurance
Service companies:
Amlin Marine Services
Amlin Credit
Just Law

Ascot Underwriting
1 Whittington Avenue
London EC3V 1LE
Tel: 0207 743 9601
Fax: 0207 743 9601
Email: enquiries@ascotuw.com
Website: www.ascotuw.com
Syndicate: 1414
Underwriter: Martin Reith
Capacity (2004): £284m
Classes of business:
Aviation, war
Top capital provider (2003): AIG
Agency background: Ascot Underwriting commenced underwriting as a new Lloyd's managing agency on 1 November 2001.
American International Group (AIG) agreed to back the team and now provides the underwriting capital for Ascot's Syndicate 1414.
Service company: N/A

Atrium Underwriters
Room 790
1 Lime Street
London EC3M 7DQ
Tel: 020 7327 4877
Fax: 020 7327 4878
Website: www.atrium-uw.com
Syndicate: 570
Capacity (2004): £165m
Underwriter: Nick Marsh
Classes of business:
Accident & health
Aviation legal liability
Aviation physical loss/damage
Non-marine property loss/damage
Non-marine general liability
Pecuniary loss
Whole account XL
Top capital provider (2003): CBS Private Capital
Syndicate: 609
Underwriter: Christine Dandridge
Capacity (2004): £180m
Classes of business:
Marine, aviation and transport
Fire and other property damage
Third party liability
Top capital provider (2003): CBS Private Capital
Agency background: Atrium owns both Atrium Underwriters (the managing agent of Syndicates 570 and 609) as well as 11 corporate name subsidiaries following the merger in December 1998 of the Atrium Cockell Group and Lomond Underwriting.
Service company: N/A

Beaufort Underwriting Agency
1 Whittington Avenue
London EC3V 1LE
Tel: 020 7220 8200
Fax: 020 7220 8292
Syndicate: 318*
Underwriter: Mike Pritchard
Capacity (2004): £158.9m
Classes of business:
Top capital provider (2004): Ensign Dedicated
Service company: Evergreen
Agency background: In March 2004 Mike Pritchard completed a management buy-out of Ensign Managing Agency, with the right to manage MSF Pritchard Syndicate 318. The company was renamed Beaufort Underwriting Agency. Syndicate 980 was transferred to Limit Underwriting. The acquisition included Evergreen Underwriting Services.
Syndicate 318 commenced underwriting for the 1979 year of account. It is a long established specialist syndicate which currently underwrites three key classes, US and international property (direct and facultative), aviation, and UK property package business.

Beazley Furlonge
One Aldgate
London EC3N 1AA
Tel: 020 7667 0623
Fax: 020 7667 0624
Website: www.beazley.com
Syndicates: 623 and 2623
Underwriter: Andrew Beazley
Capacity (2004): £345m (623) and £396m (2623)
Classes of business:
Specialty lines 41%
Property group 33%
Reinsurance 15%
Marine 11%
Top capital provider (2003): Hampden Agencies
Agency background: Since its founding in 1986, Beazley - Syndicate 623 has focused on writing specialist risk business in selected markets. It has an established reputation as a market leader in the speciality lines, commercial property, retail and personal lines, treaty and marine sectors. Beazley is a single syndicate managing agency with the directors and staff owing a majority of the shares.
Service company: N/A

Brit Syndicates
55 Bishopsgate
London EC2N 3AS
Tel: 020 7984 8500
Fax: 020 7984 8701
Syndicate: 2987
Underwriter: Simon Clapham
Capacity(2004): £500m
Classes of business:
Accident & financial
UK risks
Top capital provider (2003): Brit Underwriting
Agency background: Brit Syndicates Ltd (BSL) -previously Wren Syndicates Management prior to 2002 - is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brit Insurance Holdings.
Brit Syndicates (BSL) managed four syndicates in 2002
Service company: N/A

No 2 Minster Court
Mincing Lane
London EC3R 7FL
Tel: 020 7369 3061
Fax: 020 7369 3109
Website: www.canopius.co.uk
Syndicate: 44
Underwriter: Chris Ray
Capacity (2004): £3m
Classes of business:
Syndicate: 4444
Underwriter: JA Giordano
Capacity (2004): £230m
Classes of business:
PI 15.5%
Non-marine personal lines and UK property 27.38%
Commercial property 6.1%
Financial institutions 9%
Marine cargo specie 7%
General aviation 4.1%
Treaty 27.7%
Agency background: Founded in 1953, the syndicate writes term life assurance both for individual lives and group schemes, the major part of the business being written in the UK market. Syndicate 44 specialises in risks of five years or less, with a maximum period of cover of ten years. Canopius Managing Agents (CMA) is a management buy-out funded by Englefield Capital and management. CMA manages Syndicates 4444 (composite) and 44 (life) for the 2004 year of account. It also manages the run-off of Syndicate 839.
Service company: N/A

Cathedral Underwriting
9th floor
1 Lime Street
London EC3M 7HA
Tel: 020 7170 9000
Fax: 020 7170 9001
Website: www.cathedral.com
Syndicate: 2010
Underwriter: John Hamblin
Capacity (2004): £200m
Classes of business:
Non-marine reinsurance
Aviation reinsurance
Direct and facultative property
Top capital provider (2003): Cathedral
Agency background: Cathedral established Syndicate 2010 for the 2001 underwriting year with a senior underwriting team comprising former Bankside chairman Elvin Patrick, former Syndicate 566 active underwriter John Hamblin, Richard Williams and Mark Wilson (also both ex-566). Since then, underwriting capacity has virtually doubled and the syndicate has become a leader of non-marine property and aviation reinsurance.
Service company: N/A

Catlin Underwriting Agencies
3 Minster Court
Mincing Lane
London EC3R 7DD
Tel: 020 7626 0486
Fax: 020 7623 9101
Website: www.catlin.com
Email: info@catlin.com
Website: www.catlin.com
Syndicate: 2003
Underwriter: Paul Brand
Capacity (2004): £500m
Classes of business:
Energy, aerospace and industrial
Professional indemnity/financial institutions
General liability
Top capital provider (2003): Catlin Group Liability
Agency background: Catlin Underwriting Agencies (CUAL) was founded in 1984 to manage the newly-formed Syndicate 1003, with Stephen Catlin as the underwriter. For the 1996 account, a parallel Syndicate 2003, was formed. For the 2003 underwriting year, the Catlin Group acquired the entire capacity of Syndicate 1003 and now trades as Syndicate 2003 only.
Service company: N/A

Chaucer Syndicates
9 Devonshire Square
Cutlers Gardens
London EC2M 4WL
Tel: 020 7397 9700
Fax: 020 7397 9710
Email: enquiries@chaucerplc.com
Website: www.chaucerplc.com
Syndicate: 1176
Underwriter: Michael Dawson
Capacity (2004): £15m
Classes of business:
Top capital provider (2003): Chaucer Holdings plc
Syndicate: 1084
Underwriter: Hugh Hayward
Capacity (2004): £400m
Classes of business:
Specialist lines
Top capital provider (2003): Chaucer Holdings
Syndicate: 1301
Underwriter: Patrick Gage
Capacity (2004): £38m
Classes of business:
International property
Accident & health
Accident & health catastrophe
Top capital provider (2003): The Clal Group
Syndicate: 3210
Underwriter: Dick Warren
Capacity (2004): £316m
Classes of business:
Professional indemnity
Top capital provider (2003): Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. Ltd
Agency background: The Chaucer Group was established in July 1998 following the merger of Aberdeen Lloyd's Insurance trust, an investor in Lloyd's syndicates and Chaucer Syndicates, a Lloyd's managing agent.
Service company: N/A

Cox Syndicate Management
34 Leadenhall Street
London ECA 1AX
Tel: 020 7265 6711
Fax: 020 7265 6738
Website: www.cox.co.uk
Email: info@cox.co.uk
Syndicate: 218
Underwriter: Ray White
Capacity (2004): £433m
Classes of business:
Accident & health
Non-marine property loss/damage
Top capital provider (2003): Equity Red Star Ltd
Agency background: Cox Insurance is a publicly-listed group It came to the stock market in 1995 and has 1.6 million customers, 1,900 employees and annual premium income approaching £700m. Cox was the first listed integrated Lloyd's vehicle, the first to adopt annual accounting and the first to embed a culture of strict capital allocation
Service company: Equity Red Star Services

Creechurch Underwriting
First Floor
Asia House
31-33 Lime Street
London EC3M 7HT
Tel: 020 7480 6677
Fax: 020 7283 0987
Syndicate: 1607
Underwriter: Jonathan Thomas
Capacity (2004): £33m
Classes of business:
Accident & health
Top capital provider (2003): Converium
Syndicate: 2607
Underwriter: Jonathan Thomas
Capacity (2004): £15.2m
Classes of business:
Accident & health 100%
Top capital provider (2002): Creechurch Dedicated 2 Ltd
Syndicate: 2962
Underwriter: David Pye
Capacity (2004): £7.5m
Classes of business:
Professional indemnity
Top capital provider (2003): Charrington (962)
Agency background: Creechurch Underwriting Ltd is an independently owned Lloyd's managing agent. Syndicate 962 was formed in 1975 as a liability specialist. Following the appointment of David Pye as active underwriter for 2000.
accident & health Syndicate 1607 was launched in September 1998 with Jonathan Thomas as the active underwriter. For 2001, Creechurch also formed Syndicate 2607 to operate in parallel with Syndicate 1607.
Service company: Charrington (962)

Danish Re Syndicates
16 Eastcheap
London EC3M 1BD
Tel: 020 7337 8600
Fax: 020 7337 8614
Website: www.danishre.net
Syndicate: 1400
Underwriter: Robin Gilkes
Capacity (2004): £80m
Classes of business:
Motor liability
Accident & health
Financial institutions
Top capital provider (2003): Danish Re
Agency background: Danish Re Syndicates was formed in 1999. It has offices in London and Copenhagen. Backing is provided by the Trident II LP fund, managed by MMC Capital.
Service company: Danish Re Underwriting Agencies ApS

Euclidian Underwriting
7 Birchin Lane
London EC3V 9BW
Tel: 020 7655 8040
Fax: 020 7655 8060
Website: www.euclidian.co.uk
Syndicate: 1243
Underwriter: John Collyear
Capacity (2004): £251m
Classes of business:
Property (direct and fac) 20%
Property reinsurance 15%
Marine (cargo) 8%
Marine (energy) 5%
Marine (hull) 4%
Marine (reinsurance) 8%
Space reinsurance 5%
Personal accident (direct) 10%
Personal accident (reinsurance) 4%
Personal lines 13%
Top capital provider (2003): Berkshire Hathaway
Service company: Euclidian Direct
Agency background: Euclidian Underwriting which was set up for the 1998 year of account, was the first managing agency to be established by a corporate vehicle.

Faraday Underwriting
New London House
6 London Street
London EC3R 7QL
Tel: 020 7702 3333
Fax: 020 7702 4940
Website: www.faraday.com
Syndicate: 435
Capacity (2004): £400m
Classes of business:
Aviation legal liability
Aviation physical loss/damage
Non-marine property loss or damage
Non-marine general liability
Pecuniary loss
Specific inwards XL
Whole account XL
Top capital provider (2003): Faraday Insurance Services
Agency background: Faraday is a single, broker focused operating platform formed from DP Mann Syndicate 435 at Lloyd's and The Cologne Re of London, a London market reinsurance company.
Faraday operates through Faraday Reinsurance Company and Faraday Syndicate 435 at Lloyd's, 100% of its 2002 underwriting capacity being supported by Faraday Capital. The company and Lloyd's syndicate are both part of the General Re Corp.
Business is underwritten through five teams: aviation, casualty, commercial lines, political risk and property treaty, each being headed by an underwriting director and managing director.
Service company: Faraday Insurance Services

Gerling At Lloyd's
50 Fenchurch Street
London EC3M 3LE
Tel: 020 7696 2700
Fax: 020 7696 8119
Syndicate: 1206
Underwriter: Peter Middleton
Capacity (2004): £60m
Main lines of business:
Personal accident 50%
US property 50%
Top capital provider (2003): Gerling Corporate Capital
Agency background: Purchased by Gerling Konzern Allgemeine, the flagship industrial arm of the Gerling Group in August 1999, the agency and Syndicate 1206 became an integrated Lloyd's vehicle. Historically, a predominantly personal accident business, poor results from its commencement in 1996 through to 2000 have led Gerling to introduce turnaround management which underwrote the book during 2001.
Service company: Gerling Syndicate Services

Hardy (Underwriting Agencies)
Room 821
1 Lime Street
London EC3M 7DQ
Tel: 020 7327 4848
Fax: 020 7283 4677
Website: www.hardygroup.co.uk
Syndicate: 382
Underwriter: Adrian Walker
Capacity (2004): £115m
Classes of business:
Marine (hull, cargo/specie)
Non-marine (property reinsurance, accident and health)
Aviation (general aviation, including helicopters and airline)
UK direct property
Financial institutions
Top capital provider (2003): Hardy Underwriting
Agency background: Syndicate 382 was formed in 1975. Hardy (Underwriting Agencies) was formed in 1978. Syndicate 382 is a composite syndicate, writing marine, aviation, non-marine and excess of loss risks, with the balance changing according to the insurance cycle. In recent years the Hardy Group has acquired 80% of the capital of Syndicate 382 and the holding company, Hardy Underwriting Group, has been publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange since June 1999, having previously been listed on the Alternative Investment Market.
Service company: N/A

Heritage Managing Agency
Knollys House
9-13 Byward Street
London EC3R 5AS
Tel: 020 7712 7600
Fax: 020 7712 7601
Website: www.heritage-plc.com
Syndicate: 1200
Underwriter: LJ Rock
Capacity (2004): £118m
Classes of business:
Top capital provider (2003): Hampden Agencies
Syndicate: 1245
Underwriter: GE Bignell
Capacity (2004): £36m
Classes of business:
Professional indemnity
Top capital provider (2003): Hampden Agencies
Agency background:
Heritage was established in October 1999 to manage the running of Syndicate 1245. Heritage is owned both by the capacity supporting it and by its management team.
Service company: Heritage Direct

Hiscox Syndicates
1 Great St Helens
London EC3A 6HX
Tel: 020 7448 6000
Fax: 020 7448 6900
Email: enquiry@hiscox.com
Website: www.hiscox.com
Syndicate: 33
Underwriter: Robert Childs
Capacity (2004): £847m
Classes of business:
Personal accident
Kidnap and ransom
Fine art
Commercial binders
Top capital provider (2003): Hiscox
Agency background: Established in 1901, Hiscox is a specialist insurer that provides cover for technology risks and high net worth individuals in the UK. In addition, the company offers a wide range of specialist insurances globally, including professional indemnity insurance for advertising, broadcasting and film companies as well as tailored cover for fine art and commercial property.
Service company: Hiscox Underwriting

Illium Managing Agency Ltd
33 Creechurch Lane
London EC3A 5EB
Tel: 020 7743 9900
Fax: 020 7743 9901
Syndicate 4040
Underwriter: Denis Burniston
Capacity (2004) £96.5m
Classes of business:
Third party liability (inc products) 55%
Employers' liability 39%
Contractors' all risks liability 6%
Top capacity provider (2004)
Hampden Agency
Service company: None
Agency background: Illium Managing Agency Ltd (IMAL) was formed in 2003.
It is an independent agency, majority owned by its directors and staff. Other shareholders are HCC Group, Imagine Group and Omni Whittington Group. IMAL manages Syndicate 4040 which commenced underwriting for the 2004 year of account.
Syndicate 4040 is a specialist liability syndicate writing business emanating from UK (80%), Republic of Ireland (10%) and worldwide (excluding North American domiciled risks) (10%). Underwriting capital is provided by members agents and various corporate providers of which the largest are HCC Group and Imagine Group

Imagine Underwriting Ltd
33 Lombard Street
London EC3V 9HY
Tel: 020 7335 6000
Fax: 020 7335 6060
Website: www.greenwichgroup.co.uk
Syndicate: 994
Underwriter: M Simmonds
Capacity (2004): £40m
Classes of business:
Restructured reinsurance
Top capital provider (2003): Greenfield Underwriting 2 Ltd
Syndicate: 1923
Underwriter: AA Pitt
Capacity (2004): £12.5m
Classes of business:
Roadside rescue
Top capital provider (2003): CSMA Capital
Agency background:
Greenwich was formed in 1996, by the amalgamation of four members' agents: R Kershaw, Castle Members Agents, Holman MacLeod and Marlborough. For 1997 Greenwich operated the first and largest "inter-available" group conversion scheme enabling individual members of Lloyd's to convert their membership to a limited liability corporate status. A managing agency function was developed in 1998 and Greenwich Group capital has gradually been moved over to support its own underwriting venture.
This has meant withdrawing support from syndicates managed by other people.
The final stage of this process involved the sale of the members' agency business in 2000.
The transition to managing agency status was achieved by the purchase in 1998 of a small managing agency, Service Managing Agency. This managed only one small motor syndicate, 1222, but it was significantly enhanced in 1999 by the purchase of two larger non-marine syndicates, 994 and 947, which were merged to trade as Syndicate 994 for the 2000 year of account.
Syndicate 1222 was sold to Syndicate Underwriting Management in December 2001. Bermuda-based reinsurer Imagine acquired a two thirds stake in Greenwich in June 2003.
Service company: N/A

Jubilee Managing Agency
Sidcup House
Station Road
Kent DA15 7EX.
Tel: 020 8918 8000
Fax: 020 8918 8050
Email: jubilee@jubilee-insurance.com
Syndicate: 1231
Underwriter: George Johnstone
Capacity (2004): £55m
Classes of business: Motor
Top capital provider (2004): Jubilee Motor Policies Ltd
Agency background:
Syndicate 1231 commenced underwriting on 01 February 1997 as an incidental sub-syndicate of the Liberty Mutual Non-Marine Syndicate 190.
Following the heavy losses of 9/11, Liberty International determined to rationalise its London operation and to concentrate its Lloyd's capital on underwriting property, casualty, reinsurance and marine business. In consequence, Sub-Syndicate 1231 was sold on 1 September 2002 to a group of private investors, who established a new corporate capital vehicle trading as Jubilee Motor Policies Ltd.
At the same time, Syndicate 1231 was granted independent syndicate status.
A new managing agency, Jubilee Managing Agency Ltd was established to manage Syndicate 1231. The agency received Lloyd's approval towards the end of 2003 and FSA approval in January 2004.
Service company: N/A

KGM Underwriting Agencies
KGM House
George Lane
London E18 1RX
Tel: 020 8530 1819
Fax: 020 8530 7037
Syndicate: 260
Underwriter: Colin Hart
Capacity (2004): £34m
Classes of business:
Top capital provider (2004): Flectat Ltd
Agency background: Established in 1957, KGM Underwriting Agencies underwrites private car, commercial vehicle and motorcycle on primarily a non-comprehensive basis. Private car schemes include lady driver, occupation and limited mileage discounts as well as an economy product. In addition, the syndicate underwrites a large book of specialist motor, including collectable vehicles of all types. Finally, small fleets of private cars and small commercials of up to 20 vehicles are considered.
Service company: Roadsure

Liberty Syndicate Management
1 Minster Court
Mincing Lane
London EC3R 7YE
Tel: 020 7895 0011
Fax: 020 7860 8573
Syndicate: 190
Underwriter: Tom Corfield
Capacity (2004): £541m
Classes of business:
Legal indemnities
Professional indemnity
Treaty casualty
Top capital provider (2003): Liberty International
Syndicate: 282
Underwriter: Andrew Elliot
Capacity (2004): £253m
Classes of business:
Risk excess
Net retained
Non-marine excess
Aviation XL
Global financial risk
War and terrorism
Cargo and specie
Top capital provider (2003): Liberty International
Agency background: Liberty Syndicates is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Mutual, a company founded in 1912 in Massachusetts to provide compensation for workers and industrial accident prevention services.
Liberty Syndicates was established in 1994, taking over Syndicate 190 for the 1995 account and Syndicate 282 for the 1996 account.
Service company: N/A

Limit Underwriting
88 Leadenhall Street
London EC3A 3BP
Tel: 020 7898 6000
Fax: 020 7898 6001
Email: info@limit.co.uk
Website: www.limit.co.uk
Syndicate: 386
Underwriter: David Constable
Capacity (2004): £1.2bn
Classes of business:
Third party product and general liability
Employers' liability
Professional indemnity
Top capital provider (2003): QBE Insurance Group
Service company: DA Constable Syndicate
Syndicate: 566
Underwriter: Peter Grove
Capacity (2004): £160m
Classes of business:
Non-marine international property treaty
North American property treaty
Non-marine worldwide and retrocession
Aviation excess of loss
Top capital provider (2003): QBE Insurance Group
Service company: Limit (Insurance and Reinsurance) Services
Syndicate: 980
Underwriter: John Neal
Capacity (2004): £83m
Classes of business:
Private car
Overseas motor
Top capital provider (2003): SRL Underwriting
Service company: N/A
Syndicate: 1036
Underwriter: Colin O'Farrell
Capacity (2004): £100m
Classes of business:
Hull and war
Marine liability
Cargo and specie
Top capital provider (2003): QBE Insurance Group
Service company: N/A
Syndicate: 2000
Underwriter: Mark Harrington
Capacity (2004): £215m
Classes of business:
International and US casualty reinsurance 33%
Direct property and North American property treaty 33%
Specialty lines (financial institutions, political risk, aviation and war) 34%
Top capital provider (2003): QBE Insurance Group
Service company: N/A
Syndicate: 2724
Underwriter: Stephen Gargrave
Capacity (2004): £155m
Classes of business:
Hull and war
Marine liability
Cargo and specie
Top capital provider (2003): QBE Insurance Group
Service company: N/A
Syndicate: 2999
Underwriter: Peter Grove
Capacity (2004): £530m
Top capital provider (2003): QBE Insurance Group
Agency background: Limit was formed in 1993 by raising institutional funds on the London stock market to provide corporate capital to more than 100 syndicates at Lloyd's.
Limit Underwriting (LUL) was formed on the 25 October 1999 with the merger of Bankside Syndicates and Janson Green, two wholly owned subsidiaries of Limit. Prior to this Bankside and Janson Green were independent managing agencies. During August 2000, QBE Insurance Group of Australia acquired Limit. With effect from November 2000 LUL also became the managing agency for the former QBE syndicates. Limit is the largest agent at Lloyd's with £1.2bn of capacity under management at its five syndicates.

Managing Agency Partners
110 Fenchurch Street
London EC3M 5JT
Tel: 020 7709 3860
Fax: 020 7709 3861
Website: www.mapunderwriting.com
Syndicate: 2791
Underwriter: David Shipley
Capacity (2004): £326m
Classes of business:
Property reinsurance 32%
Property insurance 20%
Auto and liability 14%
Casualty insurance/reinsurance 15%
Accident and health 5%
Specialist lines 1%
Marine 12%
Other 1%
Agency background: Managing Agency Partners is an independent and largely employee-owned agency underwriting in the Lloyd's market through its Syndicate 2791.
Formed in 2000, it has rapidly established itself as a leading underwriter in each of the classes of business in which it specialises. The security is a broad spread of third party capital providers from both inside and outside the insurance industry.
Service company: N/A

Markel International
The Markel Building
49 Leadenhall Street
London EC3A 2EA
Tel: 020 7953 6000
Fax: 020 7953 6001
Website: www.markelintl.com
Syndicate: 3000
Underwriter: Gerry Albanese
Capacity (2004): £190m
Classes of business:
Marine & energy 14%
Aviation 13%
Property 18%
Reinsurance & accident 9%
Professional and financial risk 30%
Motor 5%
Top capital provider (2003): Markel Capital
Agency background: Markel International is a London based subsidiary of Markel Corporation which was formed when Markel Corporation acquired the Terra Nova Group in March 2000.
Markel International participates in both the Company and Lloyd's Markets through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Terra Nova Insurance Company and Markel Syndicate Management - the managing agents for Markel Syndicate 3000 at Lloyd's. In both of these business environments Markel International offers a wide range of products,
Markel Syndicate 3000 was officially launched on 1 January 2002, and combines the previous syndicates 702, 1009 and 1239.
Service companies:
Markel (UK)
Markel (London)

Marketform Managing Agency
40 Lime Street
London EC3M 5EA
Tel: 020 7220 7942
Fax: 020 7220 7943
Email: firm@marketform.com
Website: www.marketform.com
Syndicate: 2468
Underwriter: SP Lotter
Capacity (2004): £99.4m
Classes of business:
Medical malpractice
General liability
Professional indemnity
Products guarantees & recall
Top capital provider (2003): Converium Ltd
Agency background: Marketform Holdings was created in 1998, in order to bring together the pre-existing Marketform and the new Marketform Syndicate at Lloyd's. It offers a range of specialist liability insurance products.
Service company: Marketform Acquisition Company Ltd

Underwriting Agency
Birchin Court
20 Birchin Lane
London EC3V 9DJ
Tel: 020 7456 1800
Fax: 020 7456 1810
Syndicate: 1861
Underwriter: John Henderson
Capacity (2004): £90m
Classes of business:
Marine and energy
Energy liability
Marine reinsurance
Top capital provider (2003): Tonicstar
Service company: N/A

Munich Re Underwriting
St. Helens
1 Undershaft
London EC3A 8EE
Tel: 020 7886 3900
Fax: 020 7886 3901
Email: Central@mrunderwriting.com
Website: www.watkins-syndicate. co.uk
Syndicate: 457
Underwriter: Dominic Hoare/Oliver Crabtree
Capacity (2004): £225m
Classes of business:
Cargo 24%
Energy 19%
Excess of loss 8%
Liability 15%
Satellite 10%
Specie 8%
War 4%
Yacht 10%
Other 2%
Top capital provider (2003): Munich Re Capital
Agency background: Munich Re Underwriting Limited is an associate of Munich Re, and acts solely as a managing agent at Lloyd's. All of the equity share interest in Munich Re Underwriting is indirectly owned by Munich Re. The Watkins Syndicate commenced trading in 1978 and is a specialist marine syndicate. It writes and has the ability to lead all of the main classes of marine business. Since the 2000 account, all the capacity of the syndicate has been provided by Munich Re Capital, an indirect and wholly owned subsidiary of Munich Re.
Service companies:
Northern Marine Underwriters
Groves, John & Westrup
Watkins Syndicate Hong Kong
Watkins Syndicate Singapore Pte

Navigators Underwriting Agency
Room 974
1 Lime Street
London EC3M 7HA
Tel: 020 7220 6900
Fax: 020 7220 6901
Website: www.1221mlm.com
Syndicate: 1221
Underwriter: Colin Dingley
Capacity (2004): £150m
Classes of business:
Marine liabilities
Marine reinsurance
Ships physical loss or damage
Top capital provider (2003): The Navigators Group
Agency background: Formed in 1978 to manage Syndicates 552 and 1023, Navigators Underwriting Agency was formerly Mander, Thomas and Cooper (Underwriting Agency). It manages the Millennium Syndicate at Lloyd's and was founded in 1978 to manage Syndicate 552 The agency launched Syndicate 1023 in 1986 and merged businesses to form Syndicate 1221 in 1996. It became part of The Navigators Group Inc. of New York in 1998.
Service company: Pennine Underwriting

Newline Underwriting Management
Suite 5/4
London Underwriting Centre
3 Minster Court
Mincing Lane
London EC3R 7DD
Tel: 020 7617 4565
Fax: 020 7617 4566
Website: www.odysseyre.com
Syndicate: 1218
Underwriter: Stephen Lawrence Gordon
Capacity (2004): £145m
Classes of business:
Financial institution
Professional indemnity
Top capital provider (2003): Odyssey America Reinsurance Corp
Agency background: Newline Underwriting Management manages corporate Syndicate 1218, which was set up for the 1997 year of account with a capacity of £20m.
Syndicate 1218's sole capital provider is Newline Corporate name, a wholly owned subsidiary of Odyssey America Reinsurance Corporation.
Service company: Newline Underwriting

Omega Underwriting Agents
3rd Floor
118-119 Fenchurch Street
London EC3M 5BA
Tel: 020 7621 3900
Fax: 030 7623 0380
Syndicate: 958
Underwriter: John Robinson
Capacity (2004): £225m
Classes of business:
Non-marine property loss or damage
Non-marine general liability
Whole account
Specific inwards
Top capital provider (2003): CBS Private Capital
Agency background: Omega Underwriting Agents took over the management of Syndicate 958 from 1 July, 1999, the previous agent being GS Christensen & Partners, which had managed the syndicate since its inception in 1980.
Syndicate 529 was transferred to Omega during 2000, the licence to write new and renewal business having been removed from the previous agent (Sterling Underwriting Agencies) by Lloyd's. Omega Dedicated and Omega Underwriting Agents are wholly owned by Omega Underwriting Holdings, a privately owned, independent company.
Service company: N/A

RJ Kiln & Co
106 Fenchurch Street
London EC3M 5NR
Tel: 020 7886 9000
Fax: 020 7488 1848
Website: www.kilnplc.com
Syndicate: 308
Underwriter: Cathy Toomey
Capacity (2004): £5m
Classes of business:
Top capital provider (2003): Kiln Underwriting
Service company: N/A
Syndicate: 510
Underwriter: Robert Chase
Capacity (2004): £507.98m
Classes of business:
Accident & health
Property & special lines
Marine & risk solutions
Top capital provider (2003): Kiln Underwriting
Syndicate: 557
Underwriter: Andrew Carrier
Capacity (2004): £55.05m
Classes of business:
Assumed reinsurance
Top capital provider (2003): Kiln Underwriting
Syndicate: 807
Underwriter: Stephen Mathers
Capacity (2004): £113.23m
Classes of business:
Accident & health
Assumed reinsurance
Top capital provider (2003): Kiln Underwriting
Agency background: Founded in 1962, Kiln is an international insurance and reinsurance underwriting group, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange. RJ Kiln is one of the largest managing agencies in the Lloyd's insurance market.
The capacity managed by the agency has grown from £1m for 1963 year of account to £660m for 2003 year of account. RJ Kiln manages four syndicates and Kiln South Africa (Pty). Based in Johannesburg, Kiln South Africa operates as service company for the managed syndicates.
Service company: N/A

SA Meacock & Company
15 St Helens Place
London EC3A 6DE
Tel: 020 7374 6727
Fax: 020 7374 4727
Syndicate: 727
Underwriter: Michael Meacock
Capacity (2004): £77m
Classes of business:
Top capital provider (2003): Private capital
Agency background: SA Meacock & Co was formed in 1996 to take over the business of SA Meacock and Company, a partnership trading at Lloyd's since 1967.
Service company: N/A

Sackville Syndicate Management
Fountain House
130 Fenchurch Street
Tel: 020 7825 7200
Fax: 020 7825 7212
Website: www.socgroup.com
Syndicate: 2121
Underwriter: John Hyland
Capacity (2004): £62m
Classes of business:
Non-marine property XL
Marine, energy, aviation reinsurance
Top capital provider (2003): SOC Private Capital
Service company: N/A

St Paul Syndicate Management
60 Gracechurch Street
London EC3V OHR
Tel: 020 7645 4100
Fax: 020 7645 4526
Syndicate: 5000
Underwriter: Martin Hudson
Capacity (2004): £325m
Classes of business:
Global property
Personal lines (trading as Cassidy Davis)
Top capital provider (2003):
St Paul Companies
Syndicate: 779
Underwriter: Brian Jackson
Capacity (2004): £30m
Classes of business:
Life 100%
Top capital provider (2003): St Paul Companies
Agency background:
St Paul at Lloyd's is the Lloyd's of London operation of St Paul Companies, a worldwide property liability organisation. St Paul Syndicate Management is the name given to the managing agency which comprises the Ashley Palmer and Gravett and Tilling syndicates (following their agreed takeover by The St Paul Group in 1996/7).
The syndicates write a variety of personal and commercial lines in the UK and abroad and specialise in tailor-making insurance programmes according to client need
Service company: Cassidy Davis Insurance Services

SVB Syndicates
71 Fenchurch Street
London EC3M 4HH
Tel: 020 7903 7300
Fax:020 7903 7333
Email: enquiries@svb.co.uk
Website: www.svb.co.uk
Syndicate: 1007
Underwriter: Jo Butcher
Capacity (2004): £216m
Classes of business:
Specialty 100%
Top capital provider (2003): SVB Underwriting
Syndicate: 2147
Underwriter: Alan Hicks
Capacity (2004): £287m
Classes of business:
Marine and aviation
Top capital provider (2003): SVB Underwriting
Fusion Insurance
SVB Asset Protection
Agency background: SVB Holdings is an Integrated Lloyd's Vehicle, a specialist insurance and reinsurance company operating within the Lloyd's insurance market.
The SVB Group was established in 1986 with the formation of Spreckley Villers Hunt and Co, a privately owned Lloyd's managing agency. By 1995 the company's name had changed to SVB Syndicates and a holding company, SVB Holdings had been established. In that year SVB Underwriting Ltd was formed as a corporate member of Lloyd's to provide underwriting capacity for syndicates managed by SVB.
In July 1998 SVB merged with Syndicate Capital Trust (SCT), an investment trust providing capacity to a portfolio of Lloyd's syndicates. In October 1999 SVB merged with another investment trust, CLM Insurance Fund plc (CLM). This transaction brought further capital into the group, together with two wholly owned Lloyd's syndicates. Following a series of syndicate mergers, the group manages two syndicates with total underwriting capacity of £437m for the 2003 account, of which £406m is provided by the group's own corporate member.
Service company: SVB Underwriting Services

Talbot Underwriting
Gracechurch House
55 Gracechurch Street
London EC3V OJP
Tel: 020 7550 3500
Fax: 020 7550 3555
Website: www.talbotuw.com
Syndicate: 1183
Underwriter: Rupert Atkin
Capacity (2004): £288m
Classes of business:
Political risks
Financial institutions
Treaty reinsurance
Service company: Underwriting Risk Services
Agency background: Talbot Holdings was established jointly in November 2001 by the then Alleghany Underwriting management team, led by chief executive Michael Carpenter and director of underwriting Rupert Atkin, together with US-based investors led by Heidi Hutter and Jay Novik from Black Diamond Group. Talbot Underwriting and Syndicate 1183 were launched in December 2001.

Wellington Underwriting Agencies
88 Leadenhall Street
London EC3A 3BA
Tel: 020 7337 2000
Fax: 020 7337 2001
Website: www.wellington.co.uk
Syndicate: 2020
Underwriter: David Foreman
Capacity (2004): £730m
Classes of business:
Accident & Health
Special risks
Marine property
Top capital provider (2003): Wellington
Service company: Wellington Syndicate Services
Agency background: Wellington Underwriting Agencies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wellington Underwriting Holdings which in turn is a subsidiary of the listed Wellington Underwriting. In 1999, the previous three managed syndicates - 51, 672 and 1028 - were merged into 672, which was renamed 2020.

XL London Market
4th Floor
Fitzwilliam House
10 St Mary Axe
London EC3A 8NL
Tel: 020 7648 1000
Fax: 020 7648 1003
Website: www.xlinsurance.co.uk
Syndicate: 1209
Underwriter: NJ Metcalf
Capacity (2004): £340m
Classes of business:
Aviation 25%
Bloodstock 6%
Cargo 7%
Energy 14%
Marine hull 15%
Marine liability 7%
Specie 11%
War and political risk 6%
Other 11%
Top capital provider (2003): XL Capital
Agency background:
Previously known as Brockbank. In mid-1997 Mid Ocean acquired a controlling interest in the Brockbank group. In August 1989, Mid Ocean merged with Exel, which in February 1999 changed its name to XL Capital. The group renamed in November 2001 and the Lloyd's operation is now known as XL London Market. With effect from January 2003, XL London Market manages one corporate syndicate (1209) focusing on core specialty marine lines (hull, cargo, marine liabilities and energy), fine art and specie, bloodstock, war and political risks and international aviation.