Will a tabby join Twiggy as the face of M&S pet insurance?

M&S is seeking a superstar pet to be the face of its pet insurance scheme, putting a tabby alongside Twiggy as the face of its products. The Guardian has poked fun at the move.

Is there anything in particular the company is looking for? The Guardian asks.

"True star quality," says an M&S press officer. "You know, the way they look; an ability to look pensive or playful from one shot to the other. As well as all those intangible star qualities."

Right …, the Guardian comments.

The M&S press release says: “The winning pet will have a professional photo shoot and be featured in promotional material for a forthcoming M&S Pet Insurance campaign. While the winning pet is enjoying the new-found stardom, its owner will take away £100 in M&S gift vouchers.”